Mayor’s Message

Hello there! You’ve just landed on our website, “Bongabon Today.”


The local government of Bongabon, Nueva Ecija announces with pride the launching of its official website today, October 7, 2019 to provide on-line connectivity with local as well as global communities that will open Bongabon to the world. It is envisioned as a platform to showcase the efforts of this Administration on good governance, its plans and program toward economic growth, peace and order, infrastructure development, improving education, upholding human dignity and keeping abreast with the fast-changing times. It will also highlight the town and its people, its colorful customs, traditions and the fusion of cultures that help shaped Bongabon today.

As you browse through our pages, you will be informed of the multi-faceted state of our humble municipality, led you to a walk by the scenic countryside, be amazed at the integrity, resilience, industry and passion of our people and be inspired to get involved in its affairs directly or indirectly.

As the returning mayor of this municipality, I shall employ every means possible to make Bongabon known far and wide as the town that gets better and better through time hence, the one to focus an eye on. That should keep us on our toes consistently.

Thank you for your visit. Please come again.